Exmouth 24hr Fuel Service

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Open 24 Hours

Exmouth from the air

Just 9km South of Exmouth

Large Forecourt

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Exmouth 24hr Fuel Service Forecourt

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Exmouth Gorge

Premium 95 Petrol

Diesel Fuel

Tap Water Available

Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels - FAQ

24 Hour Discount Fuel 9km from Exmouth

Questions and Answers

New To Self-Serve Fuel?

It's Just Like Using an ATM. Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Insert your card at the Payment Terminal (magnet strip face down)
  2. Select your pump number and press ENTER (GREEN Button)
  3. Select your account - Credit, Cheque or Savings
  4. Enter the maximum amount you would like to spend, press ENTER
    (TIP: If you want to FILL UP, then you should enter more than you think your vehicle might take.
    For example - if you estimate it will cost $150.00 to fill your vehicle, enter $170.00. If it only costs $140.00 to fill the tank, that is the amount you will be charged.)
  5. Enter your pin number and press ENTER.
  6. Wait for the prompt to remove your card.
  7. Wait for the transaction to be approved
  8. Go to the pump and take your fuel.
  9. Want a receipt? - return to the terminal after you have completed refueling. Insert your card again - the machine will ask you to press ENTER to print your receipt.

I've entered the wrong pump number, but not taken fuel.

NO PROBLEM - Either pick up the bowser you accidently entered and hang it back up without taking fuel. Wait for the Payment Terminal to reset and start again. OR JUST WAIT - After a few minutes the system will TIME OUT and you can start again.

My bank has debited my account with the amount I have authorised, but I have spent less.

Most banks will only have one transaction for the amount you spent at the bowser. However some banks will charge the authorised amount, credit this back to your account and debit the correct amount for fuel taken. This can sometimes take a few days - if in doubt, CONTACT YOUR BANK.

I have taken fuel, but forgot to take my receipt.

IT HAPPENS - The Payment Terminal will store your information for some time, so you can go back within the next few days and print the receipt. Just insert your card and the Payment Terminal will ask you to press ENTER for a receipt.

Should you still require help please phone 0407 493 707

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